ATV longevity through purification

It has been brought to my attention that a few things about washing you ATV are not obvious.  We see a wide variety of afflictions of the Utility ATVs .They have their own particular things you should look out for when cleansing your work horse.

First and foremost be careful with the pressure washer. The electrical connectors are sealed from water that would naturally be encountered in a day’s ride or a day’s work. They are, however, NOT sealed against the molestation of a 2000psi pressure washer.  Your shinny new pressure washer is also very damaging to radiators and oil coolers, and will clean the decals right off most anything. Please do wash you ATV as cleanliness is very important to a long healthy life, but back up a few feet and avoid the tender spots just as you would hope someone would if they were washing you. Your owner’s manual will tell you not to use more pressure than a garden hose so as a representative of the manufacturer that is what I must recommend, but I use a pressure washer myself, but I do it with respect.

Now on the other hand not washing your saddle horse will cause trouble as well a number of very preventable maladies can be avoided by a quick shower now and then. The corrosive effects of manure are nothing new to most of you so it is not a surprise that splines and knuckles on a well kept unit last fare better than those of more mangy units. In one of the extreme cases of this I encountered, the acidic deposits that sat in the skid plates had eaten almost all the way through the bottom of the engine cases, I have also seen front differential cases with the mounts eaten off. Rear axle splines are vulnerable to a highly corrosive lifestyle as well.  

So in closing give your helper a bath, but be gentle and I catch up to you next time.
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