How to buy a gift
by Guest Blogger Jackie

Someone you know deserves a gift better than another tie! But how do you choose a gift when you’re not quite sure what they need? Here are a few tips to help! You want to get a gift they will use and enjoy, not just another tool, so….

1) What do they enjoy doing?
Do they put in long days out on their ATV? Does riding a dirt bike with the family make them smile? A snowmobile trip out with the guys? Do they enjoy making a splash out on the lake?

2) What could help them enjoy their favorite thing more?
Maybe their favorite item is getting worn and you could replace it with one with extra features.
Have they outgrown any of their gear? Most people would really appreciate newer gear.
Is there something that would make it easier? For example, heated gloves let them ride longer more comfortably either on a sled, or an ATV.
Have you listened for suggestions? A person who works/plays hard enough with their ATV would get a lot of use out of a winch.

3) What do they already have?
If you are looking for a vehicle accessory (such as a winch or cover) it is important to know the machine. If you can’t find the exact model and year (or even VIN), snap a couple of pictures. Most of the time if we can see the machine we can help!
For gear/personal accessories, it is best if you can bring in the person’s sizes and color preferences. If you are looking for a piece of gear, know the other gear it is to go with. For example, if you wanted heated gloves to go with a jacket, tell us what the jacket is. Some brands we carry are only compatible with like-brand components. Pictures of the equipment are helpful (with a picture of the tags).

4) What is your price range?
Some accessories vary widely in pricing. If you aren’t sure what you should be willing to spend, check out our website for ranges.

5) Still don’t know?
Ask the people s/he rides with, friends, or even other family members.

Now that you have put this much thought into the best possible gift, be confident that you have found the perfect one!  Just wrap, kick back and enjoy!