Safety gear

It is easy to overlook the fundamental value of safety gear when the excitement of the ride is at hand.
The miles and miles I have logged on all forms of motorsport equipment have driven home the importance and value of having and using good quality gear. Nothing brings this home like sliding down the pavement at about 80mph while watching your bike being destroyed by the force of gravity and Newton’s laws of motion, then being able to get up and stumble over to examine the carnage. This level of protection is not an accident. Nor does it come without cost, but in the moment of need it is worth every bit of effort and money. 

You may think you are not going to do anything to need safety gear, but this is the most likely time to need it.  Any seasoned traveler can tell you that if there is an accident the person causing it is not likely to be the motorcyclist, but a deer or a distracted four wheel motorist, which are far harder to predict. 
Safety equipment is very specialized and it is important to be using the gear as it was intended, for example the typical face shields on a snowmobile helmet is good for not fogging but is not considered legal eye protection for street use, as they are too thin to pass the DOT standard for puncture resistance.   

1. You need to do some research to know what gear is needed for the motorsport you are engaging in; like know the difference between a motocross helmet and a watercraft helmet.  

2. The fit is critical, if you use poorly fit gear it will likely not do the job it is intended to do.

3. Quality- If you have a $30 head use a $30 helmet. This is a big deal, if you plan to trust this gear it needs to be designed well enough to do the job.  

4. Comfort- If the gear you buy is not comfortable it is likely that it will be hanging in the closet   when it is needed.

Find an experienced dealer you trust and ask lots of questions.  Learn about the testing standards, what gear is needed for the riding you intend to do. Then enjoy your ride with peace of mind, knowing you are as prepared as you can be.