Winterization-Boats with Inboards


Aberdeen Sport Recreation
308 East Dr.
Aberdeen, SD

Service Description

Prepare your machine for winter.  When you order a winterization on a boat with an inboard motor, we will:

  • Add fuel stabilizer to fuel
  • Start and flush motor
  • Change oil and filter (up to 6 qts oil)
  • Fog Engine to ensure internal motor protection
  • Drain engine block and manifolds
  • Inspect Drive Belts or serpentine belt
  • Coat motor with storage oil to prevent corrosion 
  • Inspect lower unit for water and/or contamination
  • Remove prop and inspect prop-shaft for debris
  • Grease prop shaft and reinstall prop
  • Grease steering zerks and out drive zerks
  • Run RV anti-freeze through block and exhaust manifolds
  • Disconnect all batteries
  • Contact customer of any additional recommended repairs, if needed

Optional (additional $95 cost)

  • Drain, pressurization, and vacuum test lower unit
  • Refill lower unit
  • Notify customer of any recommended repairs, if needed

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