Spring Walkaroud (Motorcycle)

The winter is ending and that first ride is coming, It’s hard to explain how exciting that first spring ride is to a non believer (non rider).  The heat of the motor in the cool spring air, the power and agility of your machine is new to you again.

I would like to offer some advice to help you avoid some possible problems that you can encounter with a bike that just came out of storage.

Do a good walk around your bike and look for leaks, check tires, verify that the light and blinkers work, check to see if the controls move freely, and then check the five things listed here.  

1. Tires pressure is very likely to be low. In the short term this will make your bike handle very badly and longer term ruin your high price tires by overheating them.
2. Make sure you bike rolls smoothly.  It is not unusual to have brakes that drag after storage; this is due to corrosion in the caliper. DO NOT RIDE A BIKE WITH DRAGY BRAKES; this can cause very bad crashes.
3. Change the oil. The temperature changes will have deposited moisture in the crank case, so start the year on new oil of the correct type for your bike.
4. Is your battery good? Make sure the battery is holding a charge and is installed properly. It’s embarrassing and dangerous to have to push your bike off the road after killing it at a stop light.
5. Check the coolant level. It is not unusual to have leaks form in cold storage, O rings, hoses and water pump seals end to shrink back in the cold, but usually seal back up when the warms.         
Now go and enjoy that first ride but be safe and remember that the roads are dirty and cold they will not hook up like they did last summer.