SuperMoto Blog part 2
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The street moto is progressing, though maybe not at the rate I planned. All of the street components have been mounted or installed, and once the wiring is done the body takes only minutes to install.

More time went into tin work than I had planned, but it all went well. For example the headlight mount that came with the moose kit didn’t allow room for the stock location of the ECM (engine control module) and I chose not to relocate the ECM but to bend an aluminum shroud to move the headlight out and conceal other components. I also fabricated a bulkhead that houses the lithium battery pack and the regulator/ rectifier components, a license plate bracket with LED tail light, brake light and license plate light; also brackets for the instrument pod and speed sensor were crafted. Another accessory that had be modified was the Trailtech side stand; it was of course way too long as it was made for a motocross racer with six more inches of suspension and a lot bigger wheels.

With all electrics mounted the only major job left is to tie it all together with a custom wiring harness. The initial phase of this looks like spaghetti thrown all over the bike but slowly it all gets tucked away. Building these harnesses in an art form all its own but some extra time spent here makes a lot of difference as to the professionalism of the finished project. The stator kit puts out 55w to the techie lithium battery which requires me to install an off switch in the system. All power is routed to a handle bar mounted switch combo that includes an off, high and low headlight positions and a kill button that will be the horn button. From there the power flows back to the tail light array passing by the hydraulic pressure brake switch.

A custom graphics set is being supplied by Mart Zomers, Mart has applied his artistic talent to this project and has generated something different to help this bike stand out. The gold and black theme from the wheels is carried on to the body work. Mart can be reached to make your custom graphics or decals at 605-252-0891 or He has worked with me on many cool projects like the P-40 replica VTR1000. His work is unique and affordable.