SuperMoto part 3
miss part 1 and part 2?

Ready to ride? Well I am and so is the street moto. Now all I need is another month of good riding weather (not too likely).

The last piece of the puzzle turned out to be a custom seat cover created by Volk Upholstery, Nick did a awesome job matching up to the decal set made by Mart Zomers. Of course we all have our own definition of “cool” but I am very happy with the results of this project and I would recommend these mods to anyone looking to get more out of that CRF, RMZ or whatever flavor motocrosser you have in the garage collecting dust.

As happy as I am with the cosmetics you really have to ride this bike to understand how much fun it is. The low seat height is very cool on the street yet has plenty of ground clearance for hard cornering and curb jumping. One thing I was reminded of while riding this bike is that the super moto set up loves close quarters, a parking lot with a bunch of landscaping islands for example. This type of bike is exceptionally fun to carve around in tight switchbacks; features like being light weight, lots of traction and a low center of gravity is a good time. The gearing is was set up a tooth faster (in front) than stock when we got this bike and it is about perfect for this application any faster and the slow stuff would get hard on the clutch, any slower and the highway time would brutal.

I look forward to spring day to really go out and make friends with the street moto, but until then a quick rip here and there and lots of bench racing will have to do.

Stop by and have a look. I think the next project will be the Super Busa!

street moto.jpg street moto 4.jpg street moto 2.jpg